Questions To Answer – Before You Say Yes

Before You Say Yes

Right before getting into any commitment, there are key factors we need to consider. They must preferably should be thoughtful and specific questions we should ponder on before even thinking of taking the step further in that relationship.

Once you have the thought-deep questions at the back of our mind, you can be sure of been guided aright in the decisions and choices to be made.

Folks who don’t subject their decisions and relationship choices to these questions often get themselves entangled in a web of complications much down the line after the mistake has been made, but if you take the time to answer these questions from the heart, you would surely save your relationship from any possible complications that could affect your relationship.

These questions are to be followed from the start to the end. You can’t just choose to pick and answer one and then discard the others. You need to reflect on all the questions and carefully answer them all.

Here are the questions you owe to yourself to ponder on before you say “I do

Are You Born Again?

The first question to come off your mind is to ask “if he/she is born again?” No one is referring to a churchgoer or church boy/girl, instead what is being asked for is one who is born again.

We are at such a time where Christianity has gotten so familiar amongst billions of persons that a lot of folks now go to Church as a way of obligation rather than for an encounter with Jesus, they have no relationship with Jesus.

Asking this question helps you in drawing a line on what sort of relationship you should embrace instead of just going into any relationship.

It also serves as a check if you plan on getting into any rapport with anyone that could lead into something serious.

The great apostle of faith Paul instructed us in respect to choosing a spouse which is “Do not be unequally yoked with an unbeliever, for what has light to do with darkness…” (2 Cor. 6:41). So in essence,  the scripture says that a believer should not consider getting married to an unbeliever

What is the depth of the Walk of Faith and Spiritual Understanding

Once you have found out if he/she is a believer (born again), the next question whose answer we should seek for is “what is his/her depth of spiritual understanding or walk of faith?”.

The fact is most believer stay at a spot and don’t grow in their walk of Christian faith, they stink spiritually and are unstable.

Some persons may be of the thought that  ” aren’t you being so spiritual about your relationship.” Well, the opinions are entirely theirs as they are yet to accept the fact that human’s wisdom has failed to provide a solution to the wanton problems we have on earth.

It takes nothing short of the wisdom of God!

The current trend of carnal thoughts been witnessed by our youths which have blinded them from the truths is caused by the deliberate attempt of the electronic media to hold their minds captive.

How Open Minded is He / She when it comes to Learning

The great apostle Paul command we Learn, to how essential it is to learn when he said “study to show yourself approved…” What a way to help you see that for that individual to be approved of you, he or she has to study and be open to learning like Daniel whom the scripture said ‘understood by books’

What is His / Her Vision?

The instructive book of life further shows how essential the power of vision is, the the visioner and everyone on board when it is written in Prov 29:18 that ‘without vision, my people perish.’ What is his/her vision for his life?

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