Could Love at First Sight Be Real? – Yes or No

love at first sight

Love, at first sight, even though is a term heard often, however, sounds like a myth to many out there. It can be said to be an absolute miracle of some sort which can work.

The whole idea is based on the statement that love is blind and as such, at first sight- the place for logic reasoning matters less as long as that instant feeling of desire has been stirred and can be nourished into strong affection.

This feeling may be between both persons or just within one individual who subtlety persuades the other to have such similar feeling for them.

It has been said that the greatest experience in one’s life is knowing that someone or a community of persons is loving him or her and also being able to love back such giver of love in an equal way.

Everyone on earth has the desire to feel important, and one way of achieving such desires is when you are loved, and your thoughts can’t be replaced in the minds of those who adore you.

The joy and overall carriage from knowing how valued  you are is priceless.

Many at times, relationships are built upon certain peculiar feelings, which develops into marriages that last long and that typical fairy tale is usually tagged with a happy ending.

However, we have others who after a while, they turn sour which could lead to separations and hatred between such persons that had one of them genuinely in love.

The law of nature says that everything that has a start has an end as well, even this universe of ours that seem so indestructible has had its fair share of depletion. However, the question remains –  does a love so true have an ending?

Counselors and Experts who are into marital and relationship affairs have summed up a few reasons that often causes the once bright beams of love to fade to an end.

Some of the key reasons shared include:

  • Lack of proper or deep communication
  • Having ulterior motives of no benefit to your partner
  • Financial challenges
  • Arrogant Ego and inability to feel accountable at a relevant level in the relationship

Therefore we can conclude that the love shared between two persons can fade-off when neglected.

This is because the above-outlined factors all allude to the fact that human actions (where one decides either to be responsible for doing what is essential or not) are responsible.

The real love that attracted this two together bears the burn, and it runs out leaving a gap that could only be satisfied with a similar feeling from the heart, and that is hate.

The world right now, where we stand cannot fathom the real meaning of true love.

They think that it is one that is commonly associated with love at first sight, one that never grows old, never knows race or face, one that is unconditional.

We need to as such pay attention to our hearts and learn to love it.

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